Solutions to energy & connectivity challenges

JF Subtech deliver specialist asset resource and project capability to serve the installation, repair and maintenance (IRM) of submarine power cables, fiber optic cables, flexibles and umbilicals.

A highly qualified team with decades of engineering and project management experience offers a turnkey solution, or collaboration as part of a multi-party project service that spans the lifecycle:

  • Cable pre-lay
  • Cable lay and connection
  • IRM
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Cable pre-lay

  • Route pre-lay survey
  • Cable and pipeline survey
  • Route clearance (PLGR), hazard identification and removal (UXO & boulders)
ENI Pipeline Image

Cable lay & connection

  • Cable transportation and storage
  • Platform pull in operations
  • Umbilical and flexibles installation
  • Crossing preparation and installation
  • Cable jointing, termination, and commissioning
  • Separate shore end installation or pre-lay shore ends
  • Remedial works such as articulated piping, uraduct, rock dumping, and mattressing
  • Project specific engineering
  • As-built survey


  • Cable inspection, repair, and maintenance
  • Cable burial and de-burial
  • Cable fault management and repairs
  • Decommissioning

Further Capabilities