Critical SPM maintenance at Ghana oil refinery

Provision of air diving personnel and equipment in support of inspection and maintenance of customer-owned SPM and relating facilities. Additional support for tanker mooring operations and general field support as required by the customer.

Customer: Tema Oil Refinery
Ghana Petroleum Mooring Systems
Start date:
1 March 2018
End date:
1 August 2020

Vessels and plant utilised:

  • Seaways 10 - acting as mother vessel that comes with full IMCA air dive spread DO 23
  • Sampson – SRP dive vessel DO 40
  • Subsea cleaning and rigging package
Tema image 2

The solution

During the operation, the James Fisher Subtech air diving team successfully provided the following services:

  • Inspection of subsea and floating hoses
  • Maintenance of SPM including surface and subsea intervention
  • PLEM inspection and maintenance • Hose change outs
  • Support during tanker mooring operations on SPM and four-point mooring system
  • PMS reporting
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Our capabilities