Diving expertise for Saudi Aramco’s Arabiyah and Hasbah offshore fields

Provision and supply of a mobile saturation diving spread with experienced saturation and air diving team covering 24-hour operations. The system was installed on-board Seven Champion as the contractor-nominated vessel.

Customer: Saudi Arabian Oil Company – Saudi Aramco
Subsea 7
Arabiyah and Hasbah offshore fields, Saudi Arabia
Start date:
1 July 2019
End date:
12 September 2019

Hasbah 2019 image 2

The solution

During the operation, the JF Subtech saturation and air diving team successfully provided the following services:

  • Installation of ten production / closure spools and six tie-in spools from 250 class material barge, including performing subsea metrologies
  • Assistance in pipeline flooding, cleaning, gauging, and other pre-commissioning activities
  • Installation of spool support (subsea grout bags)
  • Assistance in ICCP sleds and cable installation
  • Concrete sleeper / mattress installation
  • Dive support for Seven Champion activities as required
Hasbah 2019 image 1

Our capabilities