Successful inspection and maintenance services conducted for major UK offshore operator

JF Subtech was contracted to undertake air range diving and ROV activities at Ithaca Energy (UK) owned FPF-1, a semi-submersible production facility in the North Sea.

JF Subtech utilised the Olympic Challenger DP2 OCV, owned by Olympic Subsea. A full IMCA compliant vessel based and daughter craft diving spread were mobilised onboard the vessel, alongside the JF owned Cougar Light Work Class ROV system.

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The challenge

  • The project was executed at short notice and partially conducted during the FPF-1 shutdown period.
  • Working locations and activities had to be planned based on weather and sea states.
  • The work scope required different activity types at multiple work faces.

The solution

  • JF Subtech utilised the Olympic Challenger DP2 offshore construction vessel configured with a JF Subtech IMCA compliant Air Dive Spread, Daughter Craft and Cougar ROV system.
  • The team used a blend of air diving and ROV operations to complete the project.
  • Switching between air diving and ROV modes depending on weather, sea state and other activities contributed towards efficient operations.

The results and benefits

  • JF Subtech undertook the installation and removal of cofferdams, rectification of riser guides and essential inspection work for over 160 components.
  • The project was completed incident free with 99% equipment operational uptime.
  • 80 dives were executed utilising two man dive teams.
210826 Olympic Challenger Montrose G046

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