Successful upgrade to world’s largest oil field

James Fisher Subtech provided DSV DP II Bourbon Enterprise equipped with air diving and cable laying system to upgrade Saudi Aramco-owned and operated Safaniya South oil field.

Customer: Saudi Arabian Oil Company – Saudi Aramco
Snamprogetti Saudi Arabia Co. Ltd. (Saipem)
Safaniya oil field, Persian Gulf Saudi Arabia
Start date:
10 April 2018
End date:
18 September 2018

Safaniya APR image 1

The solution

The James Fisher Subtech team successfully installed:

  • Two 10” flexible pipelines
  • Two control umbilicals
  • Three 15KV composite power cables
  • 12 ICCP cables
  • 1,000 concrete mattresses
  • 12 production spools
  • Two tie-in spools
  • Two 16” in-line tee spools
  • Two subsea valve skids
  • 625 grout bags

Abandoned pipelines were also recovered by the team for demolition.

Safaniya APR image 2

Our capabilities