Water injection system upgrade at Manifa oil field

James Fisher Subtech provided the DSV DP II Bourbon Enterprise equipped with air diving system as the main spread for 42” water inject line upgrade in Manifa oil field.

Customer: Saudi Arabian Oil Company – Saudi Aramco
Snamprogetti Saudi Arabia Co. Ltd. (Saipem)
Manifa oil field, Saudi Arabia
Start date:
2 September 2018
End date:
18 October 2018

Manifa image 2

The solution

The James Fisher Subtech team successfully provided the following services:

  • Demolition and recovering seven subsea valve skids
  • Installation of seven subsea valve skids
  • Installation of seven 16” production spools
  • Metrology works for seven tie-in spools
  • Installation and connection of seven x 16” tie‐-in spools to 42” water injection line
  • Installation of concrete mattresses
Manifa image 3

Our capabilities